A Scornful Fairy tale

Don’t you just love a fairly tale?
With a king, and a queen
Wild butterflies and lilies
Well, I do too!

A Scornful Fairy tale

Here I tell, A scornful tale
Of a vast, majestic kingdom
The walls so high
Till your eyes get shy
The sky melting to a rainbow.
The king so strong, an ideal man
A lover’s dream,
A rival’s terror
A man of utmost vigor
He paced about; up and down
The palace made of lac
She came to view
In a lovely gown
Adorned by precious jewels
Her skin so smooth
Her heart so kind
The bards engraved her name
The queen, who else?
They paced together
Hand- in- hand
To greet their precious subjects
Oh What a perfect fairy tale!
I almost got teary!
Oh my friend!
Just wait and hear
There is so much more to this
A plague so dark
Had swept it all
Their laughter and their joys
A lady so alluring,
A lady so compelling,
A lady so enchanting,
Took a step forward
To the lac palace
And the king’s heart.
Her playful ways,
Her concealed heart,
Sent the queen grimacing
She begged!
She wept!
She threatened!
She enraged!
But all was lost in vain
Her place reduced
To a mere ghost
In her own home; so called
And the king’s heart.
The mistress,
Consumed it all
The king, his heart, his power
All at a flicker of a second!
As greedy as a pig she was
Wanting more, seeking more
Ruled the kingdom
Dominated the palace
Her greed just got greedier!
For one thing she couldn’t snatch
The innocence, the pure
so pure
That belonged to the only one
Ordered her death
Oh! Our poor queen
The king became the murderer
A worthy show it was
Watching the fire consume
The simple trace of her being
The mistress the circus master
The palace the circus
Her greed so strong
An untameable animal
Was out hunting in the open
The king so sweet
Her dearly lover
The pawn of her morbid game next
Irked the animal in her so wild
Consumed by the folly
Maddened by the misery
She took a grave decision
Oh! What a agonizing
Yet mesmerizing sight it was
Watching the ferocious fire consume
The brilliant piece of art
The lac palace
Bit by bit
Complemented by the screams
Of our beloved king
The passers-by had their eyes glued
To this maddening show of malice
Till not a trace remained
Just the alluring mistress
Laughing hysterically
Tears rolling
For this scornful fairly tale,
She had threaded!
For the history,
She had written!
She rose again
Like a winning warrior
And prodded forward
Step by step
For her next quest
For her next piece of art!



Author: wordsofacommoner18

Well, like every other commoner who bottles their thought to the chambers of their insides, here I am, another commoner!

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