We are all Gypsies here!

This is the post excerpt.


Glad to see you here
I am a commoner, just like you and everybody else. As days pass by transforming into months flowing into the ocean of years, we stash away our memories into the less remembered space, we hide away our feelings going with the flow of this world pretending we are made of steel unaffected by the lowly emotions. Things which hold the world’s importance gradually fade away, losing it’s imprint, eroding away, till they lose their existence in this universe. We are strange beings, strangest thing being our ability to heal, to forgive and to forget. The raw feeling of hatred which once consumed the core of our healing with time, leaving a scar for the memory. We forget those happy times, which lit up the entire world, like a Christmas tree. We trudge on and on in this stony path not knowing where we’re headed; just taking one step after the other.
Walking on the stony road, taking one step after the other, I could no longer let the feelings get away without preserving them! What astonished me the most was the beauty of these feelings; so raw and so unique that one could never feel the same shade of emotions again. They were like rainbows, different vibrant colours mingling with one another; so simple and yet too complex. After much deliberation; something hesitatingly brought me here. I want to take an attempt to preserve different shades of feelings: perpetually. After umpteen years, as I look back, I hope that I have something to cherish, something to relive again, or something to laugh about and not just a dead soul with an alive body.


Author: wordsofacommoner18

Well, like every other commoner who bottles their thought to the chambers of their insides, here I am, another commoner!

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